Protect What Matters.

Monitor "off-limits" items.

Gray Kini Wireless Motion Sensor in drawer with Girl Discovering Pill Bottle (desktop)
Gray Kini Wireless Motion Sensor in drawer with Girl Discovering Pill Bottle (mobile)


Only YOU receive alerts

Gray Kini Wireless Motion Sensor with SMS Notification "Your Hiding Spot is No Longer a Secret"
Gray Wireless Motion Sensor with iPhone SMS Notification Your Hiding Spot

Meet Kini.

The Most Discreet & Versatile Home Safety Device.

Gray Kini Wireless Motion Sensor - Desk Drawer- Desktop version
Gray Kini Wireless Motion Sensor - Desk Drawer - Mobile Version

SMS Alerts

In under 10 seconds!

Red Kini Side by Side with iPhone SMS Alert "Your Document Safe Was Opened"
Red Kini Superimposed On a iPhone with SMS Notification "Your Document Safe was Opened"

Easy Setup

No app or monthly fees.

Red Kini Wireless Motion Sensor tethered to golf bag
Red Kini Wireless Motion Sensor hanging on Golf Club Bag

Avoid Accidents with

Instant Alerts

Enhance Your Home Security System

Kini Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Notifications

Improve your home security system with Kini Wireless Motion Sensor. Monitor your personal items/spaces with this WiFi-enabled, standalone device and receive INSTANT SMS notifications. Within 7 short seconds, you will know if someone is messing with your stuff.

Protect your home's sensitive items. Get instant alerts for unauthorized access or tampering, ensuring the safety of your children while maintaining your privacy.

Ideal for home, office, or garage. Wherever you have Wi-Fi.

Smart, discreet, and versatile. Let Kini do the work so you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Discover The Future of Home Safety with Kini:

Hand holding Kini Wireless Motion Sensor with top of the casing off, exposing the circuit board

Small But Mighty

Kini is always on the alert for any movement, tampering, or connectivity hiccups. No need to worry about the hassle of constant interaction with your security device. Crafted with durability in mind, Kini is built to last over one year on a single charge. Set and forget. This discreet guardian works tirelessly in the background, continuously monitoring your belongings. Relax and let Kini handle the vigilance, so you can enjoy peace of mind effortlessly.

Diagram of Kini Wireless Motion Sensor Specs

Sleek, Simple, Sophisticated Design

Kinisium's motion sensor is a masterpiece of design, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Available in Red and Gray colors, this versatile sensor is designed to either be hidden inconspicously, or placed in plain view as a deterrent. Its sleek and modern look makes it a perfect addition to any contemporary home or apartment, seamlessly integrating security and safety with style.

Gray Kini Wireless Motion Sensor side by side with iPhone and SMS Message "Your Secret Box Was Opened"

Real-time Alerts

Delivering real-time SMS alerts directly to your phone within 10 seconds of detecting any unauthorized movement or tampering, this sensor is meticulously designed to monitor and safeguard your most sensitive and valuable items. It's an essential utility for homeowners and renters alike who seek advanced warning when their property's security is compromised.

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