What is Kini and Why Do I Need One?


Kini is a tiny gadget, (approximately 2.25 x 1.5 x 0.75 in) that you can attach or place next to any item you consider to be private, valuable, hazardous and/or lethal. When it is moved or tampered with, it immediately sends an SMS text message to you. This gives you an opportunity to take appropriate action. It can save lives. It can prevent legal action. Or it can keep your valuables and private belongings out of curious hands. Kini is versatile with innumerable uses and immeasurable benefits. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for everything you need to know!

Easy to Set Up

Kini is super easy to set up. All that is required is a phone number for any device that can receive our SMS text messages. Once you create an account on the Kinisium website, you will be able to onboard your Kini, add it to your Wi-Fi, and make customizations.


The Kini is small but mighty. It is easily moved (and hidden) so it can be used in your house, office, garage, any area that has a Wi-Fi connection with which to send its alert messages to your device.

Long Lasting

With average SMS messaging of one alert per week, and a check-in rate of 6 times per day, a Kini should only need one charge per year, or less! If it is sending more than that, it could need a charge earlier. The good news is that Kini will tell you when it needs to be charged, so you don’t have to be checking, and you will get plenty of notice.

Rapid Response Time

Once Kini senses movement (sensitivity depends on how you’ve customized it), it will connect via Wi-Fi to our server within 5 seconds and triggers a text message(SMS). To ensure that you receive text messages from Kini in a timely fashion, you should add the Kinisium phone number to your contacts, give it a special ringtone, and make sure you allow time sensitive notifications to be delivered immediately and remain on your lock screen.


Each Kini can be customized to adjust the level of sensitivity of movement it is set to detect. Perhaps you wish to place Kini in an area that is high-traffic and normal walking traffic could trigger an alert. You would simply adjust the sensitivity to be lower, so those vibrations close by wouldn’t set it off.

You can also customize Kini to flash a light when it senses and reports movement. This tells the ‘perpetrator’: “your activity has been reported!”

Additionally, you can specify which axis of movement (side-to-side, back-and-forth, up-or-down – x, y or z) will trigger an alert. This is helpful if, for example, you have placed Kini inside a drawer. Kini can be set to only alert if the drawer is pulled open, and not if the table it is in has moved up and down due to foot traffic.

Stealth Mode vs. Deterrent Mode

Do you want to catch someone snooping, or deter them altogether? This often depends on what it is you’re monitoring. Something private? Valuable? Potential deadly if in the wrong hands? Currently Kini comes in two distinct colors. Gunmetal Grey – perfect for blending in when attached to gun safes or placed in dark spaces, and Candy Apple Red – which can also blend into bright colored edibles or personal items, but more likely will cause someone to stop short and not touch whatever it is attached to.

Either can be attached via the super strong hook-and-loop—like fastener to the outside or inside of a cabinet door or drawer, or via a tether hanging on the item itself or from a door/cabinet handle containing the item.

There are lots of different ways to use Kini – rest assured, it will have you covered.


Kini simply needs one phone number to which to send an alert. Privacy matters to us. Alerts are only sent to you, the account owner. No reason to get the big guns involved when it comes to your private items, nor the alarm company, nor the neighbors, nor the entire house. Just you. There are things you are wanting to monitor that are not the business of anyone else, and therefore installing alarm systems that would notify police or outsiders are not preferable. Kini is designed to tell you when your hiding spot is no longer a good one – what you do with that knowledge is up to you.