Questions and Answers

Do I need more than one Kini?

Our research shows that most people have more than one item that they want monitored. A safe and a liquor cabinet. A medicine cabinet and a drawer of collectibles. A cabinet of memorabilia or valuable figurines. Monitoring each of these would be a great application for Kini.

What Are the Requirements?

All you need is an SMS-enabled device and your existing Wi-Fi network to be able to generate SMS messages to your phone.

Why is Wi-Fi Better Than Cellular?

Other than lower costs, and faster response time that comes with Wi-Fi (5-10 second alerts), with a cellular device, the exact location could be triangulated based on its communication with cell towers. We didn’t want that as a main offering for users who are monitoring valuable or sensitive items. In the future, we may have a cellular version for those who have no other means of network access.