SMS Limits Policy

Kini SMS Service Usage and Limitations Policy

At Kinisium, we are dedicated to providing a reliable and effective safety alert system through our Kini devices. This policy is established to protect all users from service degradation and to enhance the efficacy of Kini. Our aim is to ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in delivering crucial and timely notifications.

Understanding SMS Limitations

SMS, while reliable, is subject to limitations that can lead to delays or loss of messages. These limitations are often due to external factors like cellular coverage, signal interference, and device-specific issues. Recognizing these constraints is essential for the optimal use of Kini's SMS service. It is also important to remember that Kini is not a replacement for traditional security measures like locks and safes. Kini complements these measures, offering an additional layer of safety and security, but it should not be the sole reliance.

Policy on Excessive Messaging

Excessive use of SMS alerts can lead to desensitization towards critical notifications. Moreover, phone carriers scrutinize systems that generate excessive messages and may delay messaging when they detect anomalous behavior. Excessive messaging may trigger carriers' spam filters, potentially causing delays in all Kini messages, including critical alerts.

To prevent individual users from negatively impacting the system for all, and to manage operational costs effectively, we impose the following usage limits:

  • 4 messages per 60 minutes
  • 10 messages per 24 hour period
  • 45 messages per 30 day period
  • 450 messages per year

Consequences of Exceeding Limits

Should these limits be exceeded, our system will enforce temporary restrictions to ensure the sustainability of the service:

  • After 4 messages in 60 minutes: Suspension of messages for 1 hour.
  • After 10 messages in 24 hours: Suspension of messages for 24 hours.
  • After 45 messages in 30 days: Limitation to one message per 24 hours.

Recommendations for Optimal Usage

Users are advised to:

  • Adjust Kini's Sensitivity Settings: If frequent non-essential alerts occur, revising the sensitivity settings of your Kini device is recommended.
  • Evaluate Device Placement: Proper placement is crucial to minimize unnecessary alerts.

Special Requirements

We acknowledge that certain scenarios may require a higher frequency of messages. Users with such needs are encouraged to contact us for information on "excess usage" plans and alternative solutions. Please contact us for further details.

Our Commitment

Kinisium is committed to ensuring that Kini serves as a dependable and efficient safety tool. Adherence to this policy will help us maintain the integrity and effectiveness of every alert issued.

For further information or assistance, please contact us.


Kinisium reserves the right to change this policy, and the enforcement of it.