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Our Story


Kinisium founders Nicky and Mahboud Zabetian

When we started having kids some time ago, one of the first things we did was to make our house child-safe. Coffee table corners and sharp edges of furniture were padded. We installed safety inserts for power outlets and power strips. Child latches were added to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We disposed of some cleaning chemicals that we rarely used or placed them out of the reach of the children.

Why should we stop worrying about keeping a home safe, just because the kids have gone from crawling and toddling, to running and riding bikes? We all need Kinis to continue to keep our kids safe. And for those of you who are grandparents or uncles and aunts, empty-nesters, not only would Kini help to keep visiting grandchildren, nieces, and nephews safer, but Kini can check the adult visitors to your home, too.

As grown-ups, we all have "toys" and hobbies that kids (and some adults) are curious about. How about those rare Star Wars action figures that you keep hidden in your study or the coin collection you keep on your office shelf? Or that box of Christmas presents in the attic? A few Kinis would keep an eye on those and notify you of undesirable handling.

Maybe you've got jewelry, cash, or other valuables hidden in a spot that you thought no one would ever find. Often, items in those places are "out of sight, out of mind". You don't check them very often, and you won't know if the housekeepers or your children discovered the spot and moved the valuables until months go by. Trying to figure out what happened long after the fact will be difficult. Put a Kini to work there.

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