Parenting Hacks: Keeping your Children Safe with Innovative Devices

Parenting Hacks: Keeping your Children Safe with Innovative Devices - Kinisium LLC

Let’s face it. All children are curious by nature. Their curiosity is what helps them learn and grow and can be very positive. However, the proverb “Curiosity Killed the Cat” stems from the idea that sometimes curiosity can lead to danger or misfortune, and that’s the last thing any parent wants. Especially when they can do something to help avoid it.

Getting Peace of Mind

Parents who have cannabis, edibles, recreational drugs, and/or alcohol in their homes are rightly concerned if they have children of the age that could possibly ingest them whether accidentally or purposely. While you can put these items under lock and key, curious kids can often find keys, figure out combinations, and generally find your best hiding places. With a tiny motion detector hidden with these items, you can add an extra layer of protection to alert you of any movement —protecting your children and serving as a tremendous peace of mind for you.

Kini Helps Protect Your Family

We created Kini motion detectors to help parents KNOW when their child is trying to access dangerous substances that could harm them. I You hid something for a reason and it’s important to know when it’s no longer concealed. The key is to arm yourself with knowledge so you can protect your family.

Are you thinking: “My children would never drink or do drugs. They know the rules! My children are good kids and they stay out of trouble.” Well, we thought that about our own children, only to learn from them now as young adults that they often raided our liquor cabinet throughout high school. And when I think back to when I was a teen, I snuck the family car out after my parents were asleep and stole joints from my stepdad — and got away with it, often just narrowly avoiding disaster. What would have happened if my parents kept a gun and my friends decided to wave it around after drinking up their vodka (and refilling the bottles with water)?

Your Safeguarding Superpower

As a parent, you use your own experiences as guidance along with the knowledge of what’s happening in today’s world around us. There are dire statistics about drug overdoses and gun violence and alcohol addiction that can cause real anxiety in any parent. Protecting your family to the best of your ability will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Knowing when your child has gained access to something they shouldn’t — whether they came by it intentionally snooping, or by accidentally happening upon it — gives you the superpower to protect your family better.

Then what? Obviously, the first thing you do is make sure the child is safe and the substance has been taken from them. Then, you communicate in the way you normally discuss important topics with your child.

Kini Works Anywhere in Your Home

Kini can easily be set up in, on, or near your potentially dangerous or off-limit substances for your children. Place it inside your bedside table or office drawer or wherever your private stashes live. Attach it to the inside (or outside, if you want it to be a warning) of your medicine or liquor cabinet. Put it on the driver’s seat of your car if you worry your child will sneak out at night. Do you own a gun? Attach to a trigger lock or gun safe. And the list goes on.

Kini is tiny. It’s the size of a key fob. You can configure it to blink a light when it’s moved, which immediately tells the perp (your sweet son or daughter), “WE KNOW YOU’RE HERE.” Or you have it go stealth mode, where it doesn’t light up and doesn’t visibly do anything while still triggering an alert to you. It’s totally up to you.

We get it. Parenting can be stressful. As parents who have been in your shoes, we are here to help you navigate through your journey. Hopefully, these tips will help give you more peace of mind.