Support for Kini Wireless Motion Sensor

We have tried to anticipate any questions you might have about onboarding your Kini. 

Click on any bullet point below to visit the pages containing the following specific areas of interest:

  1. Activate Your Kini On The User Portal 
  2. Best Practices for use with Android
  3. Best Practices for Use with iPhone
  4. Checking Your Kini Sensitivity 
  5. Changing Your Wi-Fi Network
  6. Charging Kini
  7. How to Power Kini Off
  8. Missing Wi-Fi Pop up Window
  9. Rename Your Kini
  10. *Setup Instructions*
  11. SMS Limits Policy
  12. What's in The Box?

Please also review our FAQ page or complete the support form by clicking the red tab in the bottom right corner so we can answer any additional questions.