No Wi-Fi? Is your Kini outside of your Wi-Fi range? No Internet?

No Wi-Fi?  Is your Kini outside of your Wi-Fi range? No Internet? - Kinisium LLC


Want to use Kini in a barn? Or in a shed? Or on a boat, ATV or RV sitting too far from your Wi-Fi access point? Unfriendly hotel Wi-Fi? We have some good news for you!

We’ve been testing Kini with a nifty little product that can utilize a cellular network, to provide Kini with a reliable Internet-connected Wi-Fi. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost much, and half-a-dozen or more Kinis can all share a single one for their Wi-Fi!

The SIMO Solis Lite is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. It can work in 135+ countries, can run for a day or more on a charge, or can be run continuously with USB power. It’s pocket-sized, and can work with up to 10 Kinis at a time. Given how little data Kini uses under normal usage, you can use the included data plan, and probably won’t need to pay for a service plan. If you want to use the Solis Lite to provide Internet access for other devices, their plans are very reasonable and as low as a couple of dollars per month for US plans, and as low as $4 a month for access in 135+ countries.

SIMO Solis Lite is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot

We tried powering this with a 5W solar panel (one with a USB-C connector) and we got three days of connectivity out of it, but we’ve had a lot of rain and cloudy weather here in Northern California. If you want to power the Solis Lite with the sun, you’ll probably need to look for a 15-20 watt panel, and possibly one with a battery to store some of the extra power from sunny days, to use on the cloudy ones. Keep in mind, that when the Solis runs out of juice, you will get a text message from our system to tell you that those Kinis using the Solis have been unable to make a connection and not reporting any movement that is detected.

We have over a month of testing done on the Solis Lite, and are very happy with it. You can read more about the Solis at

If you want to purchase a SIMO Solis Lite, you can do so from this link SIMO Solis Lite

So go ahead, put a Kini on the barn door to know when the cows are coming home; put a Kini on your tool shed to catch any unauthorized tool borrowers; put a Kini under that basement bulkhead or hatchway; put Kinis on your boat or jet skis on a trailer or in the slip (must be a dry slip or a dry dock since floating boats move too much and will trigger Kini); bikes, motorcycles, ATVs stored in a remote shed or barn; with SIMO Solis Lite, the possibilities are endless! We liked these so much we bought a few, and then one for when we travel so we don’t have to deal with hotel networks or buying SIMs for our phones!

 We know you’ll find even more ways to use Kini - with or without this device. Drop us a note and let us know what you’ve got Kini monitoring, and we’ll feature you in our newsletter. You can sign-up for the newsletter below. 

Each featured user will get a brand new Kini!



Purchase link: SIMO Solis Lite


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