Calibration Mode

You can test the sensitivity of your Kini by utilizing the Calibration Mode of the Kini. To do so, plug the USB-C cable into Kini, and plug the other end into a suitable USB power source like a USB charger.

If Kini is not on, turn it on by pressing the power button with the included pin.

When Kini turns on and detects that it is being charged, it will go through a quick test, and then repeatedly flash blue on the main center LED. This signals that you are in Calibration Mode. The Kini will stay in Calibration Mode for about two minutes from the last time it senses movement or is jostled. After that, Kini is in it’s usual detection mode, even though it is plugged in.

During Calibration mode you won’t get sent a text message when Kini is moved. Instead you see a flashing red light to indicate that movement has been detected. If Kini is too sensitive or not sensitive enough for your situation, you can then go to the User Admin Portal and select that Kini and modify its sensitivity until it suits you. Each time you move the Kini it will ask the server for the latest sensitivity setting, and then observe that setting for the next anticipated move. It is a good idea to test moving the Kini a few times every time you change sensitivity settings, to make sure it is the right setting for your needs.

The User Admin Portal can be accessed from this link: