Setup Instructions

Please keep your packaging nearby during the setup process as you will need your activation code which is on the “Set Up Kini” pouch. If, however, you have lost this code, please contact us at Check out our video “What’s In The Box?” to see what should be included in your package.

First, plug in your new Kini to fully charge it. The light on the top corner of the device will glow as it's charging. The light will turn off when it's fully charged.

Next, CREATE AN ACCOUNT on the user portal:

Once the account is created, add the ACTIVATION CODE that came with the product (affixed to the "Set Up Kini" pouch).

Now insert the included pin into the pinhole to the right of the USB port (not the holes on the top of the Kini.)This depresses an internal tab. If you lose the pin, a paperclip will work. As soon as the light comes on, you can remove the pin. Kini will go through a series of light flashes and will continue blinking red until you finish set-up (or Kini times out, in which case you have to re-insert the pin).

While you progress through these next steps, Kini should go through the following sequence of lights:

  • White throbbing pattern: searching for Wi-Fi
  • Quicker white throbbing pattern: communicating with the User via the Kini Wi-Fi
  • Pulsing green pattern: successfully connected to Local Wi-Fi

If there is a problem, you might see these light patterns:

  • If red/yellow flashes: bad password
  • If red/blue flashes: incorrect network name
  • If red/black flashes: unknown failure, try again

If you see a blue flashing light while Kini is plugged in, that indicates that the device is already associated with an account and is now in calibration mode.

Using your phone or computer, go to Wi-Fi Settings and select “Kini Setup” Network. If prompted for a password, enter “kinisetup”.

From the Pop-Up Window that appears, connect Kini to one of the existing Wi-Fi networks listed in the dropdown menu.

Enter the Wi-Fi password for that network.

Press “Check Connection Button”. If successful, press “Next”. If not, check the password and repeat the step.

Once successfully connected, re-enter the same 6-digit Activation Code you entered earlier to activate Kini.

Name Kini something that will allow you to remember where you placed it. For example, “Nightstand Kini”, “Closet Kini”, “Liquor Cabinet Kini”, “Gun Safe Kini”.

Click “Done”. This window will automatically close, and Kini will POWER DOWN, allowing you to move it freely without getting SMS alerts.

You should see your Kini appear on Your Account page with a checkmark next to it, indicating that it is your default Kini.

Kini is ready to be deployed.

How to place or attach Kini:

Use hook and loop fasteners to affix to doors, cabinet doors, safe doors, etc.

  • Use tether by looping through the holes on one end of Kini (note you can loop through in two ways- parallel to Kini or perpendicular to Kini – depending on what you are monitoring).
  • Place Kini directly on top of what you want to monitor – coin collection, jewelry box, diaries, OR inside drawer among the things you wish to monitor.

Once in place, POWER KINI ON by reinserting the pin, same as before. Kini will blink white/green indicating that it is connected to Wi-Fi and READY TO MONITOR. If it blinks white/red it means there is an issue connecting (weak signal).

You will receive a text saying that Kini is turned on. It will send you text messages every time it detects movement, or tampering or when it needs to be recharged.

If you have additional Kinis to set up, repeat these steps.

The User Portal can be accessed from this link:

Contact us with any questions at  Happy Monitoring!