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End Family Fire with Kini: The Perfect Companion for Responsible Gun Owners

Gun owners can play a key role in ending "Family fire" by educating friends, family, and members of their community about responsible gun ownership and safe storage practices, and gun safety. Deploying Kini in combination with your safe storage can save lives.

Family fire refers to a shooting resulting in injury or death caused by someone having access to a gun from the home when they shouldn’t have it. This includes children as well as those who display behavior that indicates they could harm themselves or others. 

Eliminate Vulnerabilities with Kini

Firearms and weapons are always attractive to kids and other people. Often, children gain access to "hidden" firearms without their parents ever knowing. 

While you may have a gun safe or a great hiding place, its very possible that someone may know the combination, key, or hiding spot. Kini is the solution to the age-old dilemma of where to safely store access keys. With Kini attached to your safe, you’ll know the moment someone attempts unauthorized access, allowing you the opportunity to prevent potential tragedies and eliminate vulnerabilities in your security measures. 

The Stats

According to Brady United, Dec. 2023:

  • Every day, 23 children and teens (1-17) are shot in the United States. Among those:
    • 6 die from gun violence
    • 3 are murdered
    • 17 children and teens survive gunshot injuries
    • 8 are intentionally shot by someone else and survive
    • 2 children and teens either die from gun suicide or survive an attempted gun suicide
    • 8 children and teens are unintentionally shot in instances of family fire 
  • In 75% of youth firearm suicides for which the gun storage method could be identified, the gun was stored loaded and unlocked.

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