Personal & Work Related Documents

It’s natural for people to keep personal or legal documents somewhere in their homes. Often times these documents contain confidential information not meant to be shared with others. Using Kini will notify you if someone encroaches upon your privacy.

If you work from home or go into the office, chances are you have work-related paperwork that is important and confidential. Even if these items are kept in a locked file cabinet or desk drawer, you might not know if they are tampered with by others who have found a way to access them. Using Kini will give you peace of mind.

As adults, we have things we consider to be private and off-limits to our children and to others. These might include electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones, that may contain sensitive information. Or perhaps journals, diaries, correspondence, photographs... adult toys, which are obviously not meant for public display or sharing. Using Kini will alert you if and when someone is snooping.