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Stasis Mode - Kinisium LLC

We've been quietly testing another new feature. It's the "tell me if it hasn't moved" mode.

The idea is that you get alerted if a Kini doesn't detect movement for a custom amount of time. 1 hour? 8? A day? 20 days? You decide. You customize.

When Kini detects a lack of movement for that length of time, it will then alert you. If the Kini moves, the system resets, and Kini will quietly go on… counting down the time to see if there will be any movement within the required span of time.

Why might you need the Stasis Mode?
 Have you ever wondered about things that haven't been moved or touched? 
 Did the house-sitter check on your house while you were away, and open the front door at least once a day?
 Does your elderly parent take that important medication out of the medicine cabinet at least twice a day, as prescribed?
 Would your kid like a reminder if it's been a few days since they've practiced on their piano or cello? Kini can do that.
 Does that pump or generator run once every two weeks, or has it stopped running again?
 When was the last time you used your home gym equipment? Let Kini nudge you to get a workout!

These are just a few uses for this; we think you can probably come up with many more.

Contact us at if you'd like Stasis Mode enabled for your account.

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  • Rachelle Hill (user = RMH) on Jun 09, 2024

    Please please please could we possibly get up to four notification phone numbers. I am using your motion to monitor doors for my 96 yo father. I need desperately to share the alert with my siblings but I cannot. It would be so helpful. Ty

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