Kini Reviews

Peace of mind

  Love our Kini! I stuck it to the inside of the liquor cabinet door as we have a teenager who has friends over a lot. Knowing that I will get an alert if anyone opens the door of the cabinet helps me sleep at night. The device is perfect for anyone wanting to safeguard their loved ones or their possessions. Highly recommend!!  - Erin Long

An extra level of security! I saw the funding page for the Kinisium Kinis and was intrigued. I thought that I would place one in the drawers where I keep my weapons. I have them secured but I occasionally have my grandchildren stay with me. I wanted an extra level of security to protect them. The Kinis work well! As soon as the drawers have motion, I get a text on my phone alerting me to that motion. The sensitivity is adjustable so it doesn’t set off false alarms. I am glad that I have these Kinis. I bought 5 and are giving some to as gifts to family as their extra level of security for my grandchildren in their home. Thank you Kinisium for some extra peace of mind. - Brian Massey

Love the simplicity!

The Kini works exactly as described and I love it.  They are extremely easy to setup, very sensitive and notifications arrive in seconds.  Such a simple idea executed flawlessly.  Well done, folks. - Robert McColman

Works great!

 These are perfect for keeping an eye on things - Tim S

Does what it says on the box, and well!

Besides a little friction with the initial setup (a native phone app would be my preference over the generic web interface, but I understand that this is a new effort), the device--smaller and more sensitive than I expected--does exactly what it advertises to do and does it well. Very well. If your use case is as outlined in the docs, you're golden. - Seth

 Happy Customer

We set one up for our safe door and it's magical, giving us ease of mind. We put another one on our medicine cabinet. We ordered a couple more for our other items. Love this product. - K Zucker

Quality Peace of Mind

I have one installed on a door that I only access about once a month. It notifies me quickly and that provides me with trust that it will activate when I need it to most. - Patrick Johnson

Nice and useful little device

I recently got this little device to monitor motion in my electronics/equipment storage. the device is simple to set up and easy to operate. It provides alerts when the cabinet is vibrated (i.e. door is opened or equipment is moved). Recommend to buy. -Maxim Zakurdaev

New security device


I received the package and one had an issue. Amazing customer support had a replacement in my hands in a couple of days. Great communication..."even on a weekend". All are working great! I would give it a try! - Joseph Valentino

 Works Great!

Sometimes we order something and it doesn't turn out to be as good as adverstised.  The Kini works great and as advertised, thank you! -Brent

 Trusted campaign

Fast and clear process and great communication - 


 I love my Kini! So simple and yet so reliable.

Setup was a breeze. And it's been guarding my safe for a few weeks with no trouble. - John