Kini Single Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts - Kinisium LLC
Kini Single Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts - Kinisium LLC

Kini Single Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts


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Amy Brown
Great gadget!

This is a great gadget. I keep my jewelry drawers safe from workmen's prying eyes and fingers with this!

Jose Velez
KIni Motion Sensor

In my particular case I was looking for something to monitor my pistol safe while i am home or away. The advantage of KIni is all the uses you can give to this sensor and the mobility of it, placing it anywhere you want in your home. My pistol safe is bolted down to a surface. I placed my Kini sensor inside my pistol safe door and I tested it punching the safe with my hands or object, opening the door, shaking the safe like trying to pry it and either way it gives me an alert via text. If you have a pistol safe like those that come with the attachment cable so you can place it anywhere in your house, Kini sensor is the best alternative to monitor the safe and text your phone if some one in your house or visitors are messing with your safe. And also, if you are staying in a hotel, staying at relatives homes for the weekend and take your pistol box with you, you can set KIni to their wifi network and monitor your pistol safe there too.

Brian Massey
An extra level of security!

I saw the Indiegogo funding page for the Kinisium Kinis and was intrigued. I thought that I would place one in the drawers where I keep my weapons. I have them secured but I occasionally have my grandchildren stay with me. I wanted an extra level of security to protect them. The Kinis work well! As soon as the drawers have motion, I get a text on my phone alerting me to that motion. The sensitivity is adjustable so it doesn’t set off false alarms. I am glad that I have these Kinis. I bought 5 and are giving some to as gifts to family as their extra level of security for my grandchildren in their home.
Thank you Kinisium for some extra peace of mind.

Great product! Love it!

Amazing little product - just as described. Very simple instructions, took only minutes to set up, works every time to keep me posted as it gets moved! Love it - *****

Peace of mind

Love our Kini! I stuck it to the inside of the liquor cabinet door as we have a teenager who has friends over a lot. Knowing that I will get an alert if anyone opens the door of the cabinet helps me sleep at night. The device is perfect for anyone wanting to safeguard their loved ones or their possessions. Highly recommend!!


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The use of Kini by consumers is subject to acknowledgment and acceptance that it is not intended to serve as a replacement for traditional safes, locks, or other security measures. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that hazardous materials or items are stored and secured with due care and in accordance with applicable safety standards.

Furthermore, it is recognized that the functionality of Kini may be subject to limitations or interruptions due to network outages or disruptions that are beyond the control of Kinisium. Under no circumstances shall Kinisium be held liable for any injuries, accidents, or other consequences arising directly or indirectly from such service disruptions or from the failure to adequately secure dangerous items.