Kini 5-Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts - Kinisium LLC
Kini 5-Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts - Kinisium LLC

Kini 5-Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts

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George Mcknight
Great for home security

These devices are perfect for alerting me when sensitive areas of the home are accessed.


My husband and I are responsible gun owners but we also have 5 children. While we keep our guns stored properly, we still worry about the kids curiosity and unauthorized access. The Kini provides incredible reassurance and unparalleled speed in notifications. I stand by this product 100%!

Mare Campbell-York
Extra security

I’m a realtor and rely on lockboxes for client’s keys. I use Kini for peace of mind / an added layer of security. I want to know if someone is meddling with the lockbox. It’s easy to set up!

Keep out means keep out

We rent out our property when we’re away. We store and lock up our personal belongings in a locked closet. I put a Kini on the inside handle. One of our renters attempted to gain entry (despite the Keep Out sign). I was immediately notified by Kini. I made a quick call to the renter to ask if they needed anything/were looking for something. They didn’t attempt to gain entry again. Thank you Kini.

Robert McColman
Love the simplicity!

The Kini works exactly as described and I love it. They are extremely easy to setup, very sensitive and notifications arrive in seconds. Such a simple idea executed flawlessly. Well done, folks.


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The use of Kini by consumers is subject to acknowledgment and acceptance that it is not intended to serve as a replacement for traditional safes, locks, or other security measures. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that hazardous materials or items are stored and secured with due care and in accordance with applicable safety standards.

Furthermore, it is recognized that the functionality of Kini may be subject to limitations or interruptions due to network outages or disruptions that are beyond the control of Kinisium. Under no circumstances shall Kinisium be held liable for any injuries, accidents, or other consequences arising directly or indirectly from such service disruptions or from the failure to adequately secure dangerous items.