Kini 3-Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts - Kinisium LLC
Kini 3-Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts - Kinisium LLC

Kini 3-Pack: Wireless Motion Sensor with Realtime SMS Alerts

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Alex F.
Kini 3 Pack

These are awesome little devices. I like the simplicity of the notifications via text message. The alerts are instantaneous and reliable, and I have yet to get one that was false or unexplainable. I’m pleasantly surprised with how much comfort I get knowing that this system is looking over my valuables and private spaces.

Bonus functionality- while out of town a few weeks ago, my Kinis let me know that the power in my house had gone out during a storm. They alerted me that they were “failing to report status and they’re may be an issue with my WiFi network.” I confirmed the outage by going to the power company’s website. This was a pretty useful thing to be made aware of. And they went right back into monitor mode when the power returned. Great product!

Tim S
Works great!

These are perfect for keeping an eye on things


Works well. Did not realize it has to be connected to the internet so does not satisfy my use in the 912 Porsche to keep it from being stolen

Joseph Valentino
New security device

I received the package and one had an issue. Amazing customer support had a replacement in my hands in a couple of days. Great communication..."even on a weekend". All are working great! I would give it a try!

Barney Bryson
not yet

haven't used it yet.


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The use of Kini by consumers is subject to acknowledgment and acceptance that it is not intended to serve as a replacement for traditional safes, locks, or other security measures. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that hazardous materials or items are stored and secured with due care and in accordance with applicable safety standards.

Furthermore, it is recognized that the functionality of Kini may be subject to limitations or interruptions due to network outages or disruptions that are beyond the control of Kinisium. Under no circumstances shall Kinisium be held liable for any injuries, accidents, or other consequences arising directly or indirectly from such service disruptions or from the failure to adequately secure dangerous items.